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Legend Icons

King Arthur Icons

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Welcome to Legend Icons, a weekly icon contest for icons from the movie King Arthur. Please read the rules before entering. Have fun!

How Legend Icons Works
Every Sunday, after winners are posted, I will post a new challenge, and from that time, everyone has until the upcoming Friday night at 12pm to submit
their icons. On Friday night I will post the entries, and then voting will begin. To vote, just post your three favorite icons into a comment, which will be screened. Then the following Sunday, the winners will be announced and a new challenge will open.

01. Only one icon per challenge.
02. Your icon must meet LJ's icon restrictions - no bigger than 100 x 100 and 40k or less.
03. All entries must be submitted within the designated time period (Monday-Friday).
04. Make your entry as a comment to the challenge post. All comments will be screened
05. You may apply whatever you want on your icon, use of colors/brushes & etc.
06. Animations are fine unless stated otherwise in the rules of the challenge.
07. Use of other peoples bases is not allowed, the point of the contest is to see YOUR work.
08. You cannot post your icon anywhere until after the contest is over.

Icons will be submitted as a comment on the challenge post. All comments are screened in this community. Icons should be posted in both img src and URL form, as shown below. Make sure your icon is on a server that will allow hotlinking, such as photobucket.


1. You may not vote for your own icon.
2. Voting will take place from Saturday morning
to Sunday night.
3. You may vote for 3 icons in the order you
like them best. And you may only vote once.
4. Anonymous votes will not be included, but
non-members are allowed to vote.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email.
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